We’re In-Network in the Cedar Valley

The Cedar Valley Sleep Center is an in-network provider under the insurance plans of most local employers. To find out if your insurance provider is one of our in-network insurers, contact us today.

How Medicare Works with Us

Diagnostic sleep testing is covered under your Medicare benefits. The Cedar Valley Sleep Center uses a special process for Medicare billing, which is covered here.

Our Pre-Authorization Process

Most of our patients visit based upon a referral from their primary physician or another provider, who order the sleep study. We then generate a pre-authorization and discuss procedure expectations with the patient before starting. Because the Cedar Valley Sleep Center is an outpatient facility, copays will often apply for our services, which are often less-expensive than those provided through hospitals, as we are an independent testing center.



Are CPAP and Other Sleep Apnea Machines Covered by Insurance?

Depending on what sleep condition you are diagnosed with, you may be prescribed treatment equipment, such as a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or a bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) ventilator. These machines are typically covered by most insurance carriers under a specific process by which the patient’s use of the machines is monitored by his or her sleep-testing provider (via Wi-Fi connected to the machine that reports usage) for the first 30-90 days of use. For many insurance companies, the desired patient usage amount is four hours per night; because national CPAP patient usage rates are only around 50%, many insurance carriers will repossess the given sleep apnea treatment equipment if the level of patient usage is below its standard. Patients will often receive insurance-provided new machine filters and machines after a certain period of time. Find out more about our insurance policies by clicking here.

Each patient has the right to select which company provides his or her sleep apnea treatment equipment. Our sister organization, Quality Medical Services, is a local durable medical equipment provider that offers CPAP machines and other products and works closely with sleep apnea patients to answer any questions and concerns about, and provide them with support to help them continue to use, their sleep apnea treatment equipment.


Questions About Insurance? Call (319) 505-2896 or click here today!