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Currently, 88 different known sleep disorders exist, with the most common such conditions including sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome (RLS), periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD), and REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD). At the Cedar Valley Sleep Center, we conduct diagnostic sleep studies, or polysomnograms (PSG), to electronically monitor a person’s sleep and assess whether he or she is suffering from any of these conditions. Our testing process is simple: after a referral from your primary care doctor, our sleep specialists will schedule a time for you in the evening to undertake a sleep study at our diagnostic testing facility in Waterloo, Iowa. With a relaxing, home-like sleep area, many patients are able to fall asleep with relative ease and begin this noninvasive, pain-free procedure.

By gently affixing multiple sensors to your body to track your body’s vital signs during sleep and taping the study, our team is able to identify areas of sleep abnormalities, which aids in developing an individualized treatment plan. After the study, each patient then visits with his or her referring physician to discuss the test results and begin their treatment options. To find out more about our testing, click here.


Our Staff

The Cedar Valley Sleep Center features a team of experienced and knowledgeable sleep study providers who are dedicated to helping our patients identify and address sleep-related disorders. To learn more about our team, continue reading.

Beth J., RPSGT

Beth has been a sleep technician at the Cedar Valley Sleep Center since 2016 and overall since 2010. She is a graduate of St. Ambrose University’s liberal arts program and the Psychology Department at Kirkwood Community College. Beth has also received accreditation from the polysomnography program at A-STEP (Accredited Sleep Technologist Education Program), the industry’s leading credentialing organization. In her spare time, Beth enjoys reality TV and bingo.

Pamela H., CRT, RCP, PSGT

Pamela, a sleep technician, has worked at the Cedar Valley Sleep Center since 2015 and received degrees in respiratory care and health administration/psychology from Hawkeye Community College and Baker College, respectively. As a U.S. veteran, she proudly served her country as a member of the Coast Guard. During her free time, she enjoys traveling with her children, boating, and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Tiffany, PSGT

Tiffany has been with the Cedar Valley Sleep Center since 2010 and serves as a sleep technician. She holds an Associate of Arts degree in human services and an Associate of Science degree in respiratory therapy. Tiffany enjoys laughing, meeting new people, spending time with her children and visiting her family in St. Louis.


Martin F., RPSGT, MBA

Martin has been a member of our sleep technician team at the Cedar Valley Sleep Center since 2012. He graduated from the Medical Careers Institute as a sleep technician and California Coast University with a Masters of Business Administration. Martin has traveled extensively and enjoys spending time with his son.

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Our Philosophy

At the Cedar Valley Sleep Center, we offer comprehensive, convenient, and affordable sleep studies. Our complete diagnostic studies test for many of the most-common sleep conditions and are conducted by experienced and knowledgeable specialists. This all occurs in our home-like sleeping environment and testing center, which doesn’t require you to check in at a hospital desk or walk through a large and complex building. And because we are an independent-testing facility, we’re more cost-effective than hospital-based testing, which can be more expensive for the same services. Through this model, the Cedar Valley Sleep Center provides its patients with an understanding of their sleep habits, all through a comfortable and affordable process. Click to explore our insurance policies as well as many frequently-asked questions.



“The sleep lab was easy to find. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in and it resembled a home.” — BG

“The bed was so comfortable, where can I get one?” — RH

“My technician was extremely knowledgeable and made the experience pleasant.” — JH